Should you file a lawsuit after a car accident even with no injuries?

Yes, Any car accidents with or without injuries can take legal action against the at-fault driver. It is necessary to claim compensation for property damage.

Here is the list of thing you can or should do after an accident

Exchange information with the other party

If you’re both lucky and did not suffer any damage, communicate with the other party and exchange information such as names, phone number, and insurance information. The at-fault driver is obligated to exchange insurance information and personal information with you.

In case, the at-fault driver refuses to share, call the police or law enforcement.

Take pictures of the scene

Take as many photographs as possible. Photos are the best evidence to support your case. Ensure that you take photos of the car and license plate. Do not forget to take pictures of the road and any other traces caused by the crash.

Call the police

Call the police even if no harm were caused after the crash, it is important to get police records. The reports will later help in supporting your case.

Take medical treatment

Even if you escaped the accident without any scratch, it is crucial to seek medical attention. Car accidents can have an impact on your health in the future; you may feel completely fine but hear what the doctor reports have to say.

Notify the other party’s insurance company

Although you need to keep in mind that, sharing any other details about the accident to the at-fault driver is not recommended. It is essential to notify the other party’s insurer.

Think about hiring an attorney

If the damage cost of property loss is high, consult with an attorney. He will help you deal with the insurance company. Most minor accidents can be resolved quickly. However, if the damaged caused is exceeding some specified amount, it is best to take advice from an attorney.

After the car accident, if you’ve successfully reached an agreement to settle with the case. The other party adjuster will come to instigate and suggest you to repair. However, you have full rights to choose your own repair shops. Choose any shop you are comfortable with or any shop near your home location.

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